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          Start your travel planning here!

          Treat Yourself:
          Book a Luxury
          Car Rental

          Luxury Car Rental & Chauffeured Cars

          Pick up your
          Luxury Car
          Rental for less!

          Rent a Car and Save Up to 50%
          Book Now Best Price Online
          Pick up Location
          Pick up Date/Time


          Hiring a car just got easier with the reliable service of Car Rental Service! Having covered all the 50 states in America, we offer the finest choice of vehicles ranging from economy to luxury.

          We have tied up with renowned car rental brands so that we can provide our customers with the most economic car rental deals along with world class customer service.

          • Best price guarantee
          • No cancellation or amendment fees
          • No hidden extras to pay - theft and damage cover included
          Read more


          Budget Prices for Long
          Term Rentals


          Search Prices and
          Special Offers


          Road Assistance & Car Replacement

          Start your travel planning here

          Drive away with more money in your pockets and more time on your itinerary. BOOK NOW EMAIL US

          Featured Services

          More than just a car rental company


          The best and biggest airport transfer company in the city, Airport Transfers is here to provide you with the best one-stop transportation service with minimal fuss and maximum comfort.

          Corporate Meetings & Events

          Does your company have employees or clients who frequently rent in the Los Angeles area? Setting up a corporate account allowsus to pre-deliver vehicles to hotels, offices, residences.


          We offer professional drivers who can chauffeur you to any destination you choose. Or ask for a type of tour or drive you are in the mood for and let us do the rest.


          Huge discounts. Free Delivery and Pickup. Free Car washes. Free upgrades. Free maintenance. We offer amazing deals on car rental rates. Give us a call we make it easy and affordable.


          Join Us and Save on Car Rentals!

          Great offers for cheap car rental, daily, weekly long term rentals

          Call Now: 1-800-123-4567

          Car Hire

          Search for the best deals on rental cars

          Find cheap car hire fast and hit the road happy with Rental Cars. Search the world’s top car hire companies. Instantly compare prices. Then book direct with the car rental company of your choice. It’s so easy. We search thousands of destinations and compare thousands of car hire deals to help you find your perfect drive at a low price.

          Free iPhone & Android App

          Renal Cars App is a car rental marketplace where travelers can rent any car they want, wherever they want it, from a community of local car owners throughout the US and Canada.


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